Pegasus Mod compatible tanks

You see, so far the Triton 2 has flabbergasted me with a ton of new issues one after another: Leakings to begin with..., followed by floodings that I solved by getting better eliquids (thing which I do not mind though), not to mention the pain it is to fill the tank through those painfully hard-to-reach entrances... Pressure drops, thus dry sudden hits, then because of it my beloved .15 ohm ni200 coil burnt from one hit to the other. Finally, whether if it was faulty or the Pegasus mod issue burning coils in TC is the issue, I still do want to move to a new tank for this specific mod. My knowledge is not particularly abroad, but I've come across some options that I think will do the job. Taking into account I much prefer TC vaping, I have been considering the Cleito Aspire tank, the Atlantis V2, and the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank but I don't really know if any of these are compatible for both my mod and TC vaping, or will TC vaping then depend on the coil I use? Thanks beforehand.
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