Breeze 2's awful design

Can we talk about how much thiss pod sucks? Hi, I got my Breeze 2 about 3 months ago but have used it just under a month because the awful experience I've been having with this product.

First of all I got mine from aliexpress, right from the aspire aliexpress store. I bought the pack that includes 5 replacement 1ohm coils. When I got it I used Nic Salts' Lemon cream 50/50 juice, at first everything was amazing but after a tank filling everything started to go wrong. My coil was flooded in no time and with no apparent reason. I looked up online for suggestions. Because I had 5 coils left I thought that maybe the one that came with my kit was spoiled, I couldnt be any more wrong. All of my 6 coils (including the one that comes with the kit) didnt last any longer than a day or so. I tried every tip: from priming the coil first, checking if the airflow wasnt obstructed during filling of the juice, lining up all the wicking holes to the central stem holes, and also to let the juice sit in for 10-15minutes. I even asked some friends of mine (who have the same vape) to show me how the did it, and nothing. Annoyed and frustrated I started looking for all the problems I've been experiencing (dry hits, no vapor production, gurgling, spitbacks, burnt taste, ejuice brownish coloration,etc) and stumbled upon many other users who have had the same experience as mine with no definitive answers or solutions to these freaking spoiled coils. Just a day ago I went to a local store in order to get some "professional" assistance, the person in charge showed me the "proper" way of doing it and realized that it was the same way I've been doing all this time. What's left to say? Aspire really f-ed up with these new coils as they have no quality standards because either you get one that can last you for weeks or get shitty ones like the ones I've had. I'm really frustrated, is there anything I can do besides complaining on this site? I hope someone at aspire reada this comment. Thank you aall for your attention, have a nice day.
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  • @bolzak Thank you for the feedback.
    If you have any problem with our product, please feel free to contact Aspire service
    They will seek for suggestion from Aspire engineer
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