0.7ohm nautilus coil lifespan.

I am wondering about lifespan. I bought a pack of 0.7ohm coils, i vape pg 60, vg 40 with ~4% menthol aroma. As it's a thinner juice the coil should not have absorption issues. I do not have any leak issues. I vape up to ~5ml on a day. I would vape at 21w. After ~24 hours the coil starts to taste burnt.
Would that be considered a normal lifespan for this coil?
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  • First off, what device are you using the coil in? Have you checked to see if the coils are Genuine Aspire? Fakes don't perform anywhere as well as the real thing! For most coils, the lifespan should be 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 weeks, depending on what juice you vape and your vaping style. Chain vaping some menthol juices can foul the coils quicker, again it depends on the juice. Also, this may seem odd, but what are you drinking when you vape (CocaCola will make nearly any juice taste burnt for some strange reason).
  • @charlzrocks
    Yes they're genuine. It's an iStick Pico which i have used for well over a year now. I have vaped menthol for over a year, i have used ~50/50 60/40 bases for over a year. Not much has changed besides the past month where my coils started going bad very fast. I don't drink coke.

    The coil was unvapeable, so i changed it and disassembled it to see if i could spot the fault. Around the coil there's 4 sheets, the two near the coil had holes in them as shown on the picture.
    Now, i am not entirely sure what the holes are. They don't look like burn holes as i would expect to see burn marks, also because i prime the coils what i would consider fairly well.

    I drip ~4 drops into the middle, fill the tank, let it sit, mount lid, let it sit for another few min, suck air through the tank 4/5 times and a few times covering the air holes without using power. Lastly i put the tank upside down to empty whatever excess out from the bottom, adding a little air from the mouthpiece. Then i let it sit for another few min before i vape on it, i start at low wattage in short burst around ~15w before going up.

    Burn holes also don't really make sense with a 60/40 mixture at 21w, that should be well within the coils capabilities considering the low VG in the bases i use.
    Unless these sheets are a new wick design which seems to not work very well for me.

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  • Thanks for the details and photos! This is one that is stumping me! Maybe @Tina can help!
  • The only thing that I can come up with is that you may be chain vaping and not enough liquid is getting to the cotton and is dry burning the coil?
  • @charlzrocks
    But does dry burning makes sense with a base that's 60% PG?
    My puffs are ~2/3secs. How long/short between puffs do you consider chain?

    Also, the wick on mine seems very different from what can only be other versions.

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  • Again, I believe we would have to defer this question to @Tina. Give her a chance to respond. As you are not chain vaping, I am out of ideas.
  • How long/short between puffs is considered chain vaping?
    Just wanted to add that the new coil has also started to go bad, this one has only been vaped at 16w.
  • I've tried using one of the coils at 14w, but that's not a great experience, far from what i've been used to.
  • So, i went through 4 of the coils in one pack, then i thought. Maybe this is just a bad batch, so i tried a coil from the other pack and it didn't even last 6 hours. I then used the last coil from the first pack and lo and behold, that coil was perfect. It was primed as the others, same juice, same everything. Except, this one actually works.

    So now i have no doubt that the others were faulty in some way. What to do about i have no idea.
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