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Good morning just opened my Red Aspire Nautilus 2 tank. All excited to use it and sadly the airflow was off of the tank. The rest of the tank is fine, just assembling this airflow ring is exhausting as I don't want to harm my tank. I own 4 others and have bought them for friends and family. I CANNOT find anywhere on the forums how to re-attach the airflow to the bottom base. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Thank you! Something that was driving me crazy was a easy fix!
  • There are two o-rings on the base hardware, once you taking off the airflow ring
    one small size black o-ring and one big size clear o-ring, please see below picture, please make sure the two o-rings are right here, no broken or lost

    Then follow this direction, airflow hole on the airflow ring face to the airflow hole on the base hardware, then screw the airflow ring to the base hardware
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