5 days with the Revvo tank, grrrrr...

My experience so far has been awful. Skystar and Revvo tank. Bought it because hey, leak free! First coil burnt and plugged in 2 days at the recommended 80 watts. Was running the next coil at 60 watts, did all the recommended new coil procedures. It was okay but finicky. Frequent dry hits or bubbly hits, no consistency. Tried all the 5 volt increments from 50 to 90 watts. S, N and H hits. None of them were ever really satisfactory.
This morning I went to puff and got a mouthfull of hot liquid. Burning hot. Burnt my mouth and lips. For some reason all the liquid had sucked up into the drip tip. It was pouring out the air holes. The unit was upright the entire time. I can't say how often I was puffing, normally for me, was not keeping track. I go through about 30ml a week in vape. The plastic part above the steel adjustment ring was very hot. Some users have actually melted the air holes shut. I guess maybe this tank is only good for one puff every 5 minutes. I'm thinking it got too hot and some sort of weird percolation effect caused all the juice to bubble up and fill the drip top. Like an old fashioned coffee percolator. I let it sit and none of the liquid ran back down. I guess the coil is plugged again.
I'm giving this product a F-. Waste of money.
The mod box is nice though. I'll use it with my old Smok and Eleaf tanks. They leaked a bit but hey, They did not ever require a trip to the burn ward.
Also, the Revvo sucks up juice and batteries like nobody's business, I'm running the LG 3000 mah units, I bet I couldn't get through a round of golf without bringing spares and some juice.
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