Cleaning the Tigon tank

Hey all,

I've had the Aspire Tigon Kit (TPD version) for about a month now and it's wonderful, best vape I've had. Was just wondering how to go about cleaning the tank as I've started to notice just a slight glean of liquid appearing in the airflow holes. I think this happened after using a different liquid the other day since the one I was using for the last month never produced any kind of liquid in the holes. So, was just thinking that I just need to disassemble the tank and put it in a bowl of warm water for a bit and then dry it off.

Is that ok for the Tigon tank? Is there anything else I should do?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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  • You shouldn't need to clean the entire tank if you are just having moisture in the base unit near the AFC holes. Remove the base of the tank, run it under warm water (make sure the AFC holes are open) and then carefully dry the base unit making sure to get all moisture out. Perhaps let it air dry overnight . Re-assemble and vape on!
  • @charlzrocks Cheers, charlzrocks! Yeah, the rest of the tank is all fine and no leaking. Even the base is barely leaking, if I can call it that. Noticed this morning after vaping the new liquid after a day that there doesn't seem to be any liquid or moisture appearing in the hole, so maybe it just needed a few puffs to get it cleared out, but I'll do the wash under the water and anyway just to maintain it.

    Such a great vape and no gurgling or anything. Thank you!
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