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Aspire have been great and very quiet lately only down to the fact they have now been conjuring this little beauty. For me aspire have been in the game for a while and I mean ages. They have come with new products hoping to stream the vaping world and become leaders in all market areas. MTL is their specialty at the moment, let’s see what this has to offer

Out the Box 
So we have the new Tigon kit which is the newest addition to the MTL world and from Aspire. The Pen device comes in 64different colour options Black, Rainbow, Blue and Silver. Which gives the buyer chance to mix up the styles a bit. The kit retails at $50 with a UK price of £40… 
The battery Is built in with a constant wattage running through the coils 
The kit includes a USB charger which is standard throughout the vaping world however, it does recommend charging through a battery charger as you get a better performance rating and its safer. A spare coil for the Tigon tank and a spare glass which is TPD compliant. 
Always at the bottom of the box is the user manuals along with a warranty card. 

The Build 
This is a stunning built of kit and not overboard. The construction is outstanding and really feels well built.  The design is very cool and isn’t off putting as some would say I think it works very well.  The colour designs are nice as well and seem to work for me.

On the front above the fire button the device lights up blue when firing or charging the device.
The built-in 2600mah battery which works a treat. The charge rate is 1A which is lower than some pens out there at the moment it would have been good to see the standard 2A to keep in line with everything else, but it may be that it charges better at a slower rate. Be sure not to charge on fast charge as it doesn’t convert correctly, and it must be charged at a slower rate

The Aspire Tigon has a side-mounted micro USB port for charging. During the charge, the indictor ring around the fire button remains lit. When the charge cycle is complete, the ring flashes 20 times and turns off.
While you use the Tigon, the indicator ring will show the battery’s remaining charge level.
Pink indicator: battery charge is 3.8 volts or higher
Blue indicator: battery charge is 3.5-3.8 volts
Red indicator: battery charge is 3.5 volts or lower

Aspire have all the protection as follows 
Short-circuit Protection 
Resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.08Ω, but not recommended
Overtime Protection 
Over-temperature Protection 
Low-voltage Protection 
Amazing MTL coils 
Quality workmanship and finish 
A good weight 
Great feel to the mod in your hand 
Consistent power output until the battery is nearly drained (safety protection)  
Fingerprint magnet
Poor battery on sub ohm

Now we know I’m not 100% MTL and I only have it if I have too and I mean if I have too but when aspire come and say fancy a review I’m like why not let’s see what you have to offer then they deliver this beauty and it sure is a nice piece of kit. There are hardly any faults or cons as it really is a nice kit.
Overall, aspire have smashed this one and I would 100% say it's worth having in the pocket in your collection, if you are a MTL vapour. It really hits well to say it is a pen device. Would I buy it? I would and the reason why it’s so good in terms of tank size, quality and the overall looking of the kit. Anyone Interested In this piece I would be sure to go out and get one  
Equipment/Products Used 
Mod – Aspire - Tigon - Black Edition 
Tank – Aspire- Tigon Tank - Black Edition 
E-liquid – ZAP!– Blue Raspberry NicSalts – 20mg 50/50
Coil – Ni80 MTL Coil - 1.2ohm 
Batteries – Built In 2600mAh 
1100 x 731 - 209K
885 x 800 - 189K
image4.jpeg 209.2K
image3.jpeg 188.9K
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