My first Aspire Experience

First, Hello David, thank you so much for sending us your first experience of Aspire
Below is the first experience of Aspire from David

My decision to give up smoking lays many years back that I not even can recall anymore when it was. As Nicotine gums never worked out for me, I decided to give it a try with vaping as I believed that a puff like experience would be more sufficient quitting my old nasty habit.

My first device wasn’t from Aspire and it was a disposable e-cigarette. One of those cigarette look alike plastic things which was also used by a famous Hollywood actor in a movie.

Well, my hopes to finally quit smoking were shattered quickly as my experience with this kind of device was equally forgettable as the above-mentioned movie. It simply was nothing spectacular and something was missing to kick the little stinkers.

Luckily the technology evolved quite quickly and I gave it another shot with a new device. It turned out to be the Aspire Nautilus. Now I finally had the possibility to recharge my battery, adjust the airflow, replacing old coils and refilling this tank with the e-liquid of my choice. But most importantly … I loved and actually still love the performance of this this tank and his little brother (Nautilus Mini). The throat hit and vapor production is just perfect and comes close to a regular cigarette as it gets.

Regarding the e-liquids I wasn’t too satisfied at the time because I was solely seeking for a real tobacco like flavour. However, after a while I got less picky and explored other mixtures which pleased my cravings.

I’m glad and thankful that Aspire helped me to give up smoking. Even though there are many other brands with new and interesting devices, Aspire will remain one of my favourite brands. For me, Aspire is in regards to build quality, coil lifespan and performance one the best brands out there.

I also fall in love with the Cleito tank and Aspire pod devices but this is another story.

Cheers and keep it up,

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