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First thank you(Mini Review ) for below review

Basically, everyone has heard about Aspire – and what they do best in my honest opinion is the ease of use and their MTL stuff in my opinion.

Aspire Tigon kit comes in, the one you should pick up (the slightly larger one) and the TPD version.

The one which I reviewed was the normal slightly larger one – and not the TPD edition which honestly is ‘good’ but the size decrease isn’t worth the smaller battery (and obviously, the tank have a lower capacity as well)

So onto the big one – the battery is quite capable at 2600mAh (vs 1800mAh on the TPD edition) and the tanks capacity is decent at 3.5ml (hear me out – also 2ml on the TPD edition) for this type of tank, mainly because this is at it’s heart a MTL tank – hell even with the 0.4ohm coil I ended up smacking on the MTL drip-tip and turning down the airflow to allow me MTL ‘action’ – it’s basically the culmination of Aspires’ MTL tanks thus far, edging out the Nautilus by a long shot in terms of flavor, vapor production and even the maximum VG you can use (no issues with 70/30 here).

It’s a really simple kit and if you’re looking for something like this it might just be what you’re looking for. I’d say that this is really geared towards smokers / previous smokers who are looking for a simple device that can ‘simulate’ the smoking sensation without much hassle. So, consider looking into this for your friend /mum/dad/ various other family members of distant acquaintances that you want to get off the stinkies, or at least nudge them in this direction. It’s easy to use, and spill-free (haven’t had it leak on me at least) even when changing coils.


* Great battery capacity
* Great MTL tank
* Easy to use
* Extra drip-tips
* Long lasting coils
* Easy coil swapping and no mess
* States coil material (Ni80)


* TPD Edition is a waste – unless you “need” a [slightly smaller tank]
* [Child resistant filling] is a nuisance

Bottom line, honestly a fantastic device for those who want to get off cigarettes or want a good MTL experience.

In my opinion, this is really geared towards previous smokers who are looking to take the plunge into vaping and have some of the same ‘feel’ as smoking does. I think it’s great. And the tank is worth picking up by itself if you already have a mod and want a new MTL tank that takes premade coils, this is a big leap from the Nautilus.

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