Aspire Dynamo PuffCounter 9999 limit V02

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Hey there,

Aspire introduced a puffcounter to the Aspire Dynamo 220W with the V02 firmware for it, but it goes up to just 10k. I was at 10k in under a week! It reset to 0 automatically, and somehow disappeared completely after I think close to another thousand (or few) puffs. I reset the counter and it's back to 0 now (had about 660hrs of vape time). I would just LOVE bumping up the puffcounter limit. It's a crazy good mod and the dual 21700s give incredible battery life. It just feels really bad that the puffcounter goes up to just 10k.

Why is that the upper limit anyway? Seems odd. It's just an integer value, takes like 4 bytes of memory (depending etc). The Pulse Dual (220W) can do 999,999 puffs and I just intuitively feel the Dynamo is more than capable of adjusting the 9,999 to 99,999 or even 999,9999.

Is there any way to edit the value through something like hexedit or some such? Anyone solved this problem themselves?
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  • Hello ibial,

    We want to give more bytes of memory, but the space of the screen is limited.
    Thank you for the suggestion, we will pass your suggestion to our products development department

    Best Regards
  • @Tina Thanks for the reply!

    I did actually consider that, but disregarded it thinking it's more of a programming issue (more so than one related to fonts/font size).

    Yeah if the voltage/wattage/main number values were a few pixels higher, or maybe quite simply a smaller font, it would probably be possible to go up to 99k.

    Good to know it'll be considered at some point. It'll seriously be the perfect dual 21700 mod, for me anyway. Keep up the great work! Love Aspire.
  • @ibial Thank you so much for your support and suggestion.
    We will pass your suggestion to our products development department

    Best Regards
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