Aspire Dynamo TC settings M1, M2, M3

I've tried a few searches and can't seem to find further info about this anomaly with the user interface on the Dynamo Mod. It concerns me that the coils that comes with the Nepho Tank are Kanthal and I'm unsure about the setting for that in the TC SETTINGS AREA.

Categories are Ni, Ti, Ss...and then there's M1, M2, M3.

Which of the first 3 above does Aspire think I should have it set as?
What are the M settings for and how would I benefit from them if most Coils are Ni, Ti, Ss?
Why is there a huge gap in info in the manual about most settings and how it affects the experience?
Why are there only Kanthal Coils & Kanthal Mesh being produced?, where's the diversity?

Also if accessing Bypass Mode in the Interface, the device freezes. You can't push both buttons and reverse out of the menu. You have to actually press the fire button and Up button to reverse out. Even pulling the batteries and reboot won't get you out of the interface. Thus many frustrations have been experienced.

Thanks in advanced, please address anything you can.
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  • I use the Triton V2 with Ni200 coils for temp control. You can't use the Nepho in TC Mode
  • @Redpaw for the positive point of the battery, if the positive point of the mod is button top, it is ok to use both kinds of batteries
  • The coil material of Nepho atomizer is kanthal, it is a normal coil , other than TC coil(Ni,Ti,SS), it should be used under wattage mode,and you need set the wattage according to the suggested wattage range on the coil

    Here is an article for your reference
    M1,M2,M3 is also TC mode, under these modes,you can safe your favorite TC settings

    Users can use other tanks with TC coil on the mod

    Under Bypass and voltage modes, press the up button and down button at the same time, there is no function for this combined buttons under bypass mode and voltage mode, so if you press the up and down buttons, the screen will not change.

  • Your answer is very good. I appreciate the timely response as a loyal Aspire User and constantly promote your much copied leadership and Innovation.

    My other question is this: 18650 have Button top positives, will flat top 21700 batteries work or am I looking for a mysterious 20700 & 21700 button top.

    Thanks so much.

  • Okay, I see that the Dynamo does have pointed contacts inside the battery area. Thank you again for the fast info.

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