Skystar reading revvo above 2ohms

I just got my skystar revvo kit yesterday and it was working great. The coil read at 0.24 ohms which I thought was a little weird because they are rated between 0.1-0.16 ohms.

Then this morning I went to vape and no vapor was produced. I checked the screen and it was saying that the coil was now 2.24 ohms. I was in watt mode at 70 watts. I tried putting in all four of my replacement coils and they are all reading at 1.4 ohms to 2.24 ohms. Sometimes it even says no attomizer.
Does anyone have a clue what might be happening here?

Also when I hold the fire button it goes from saying 70 watts to 0.4 watts for as long as I hold it. I have tried bypass mode and nothing happens either.
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