Which is your favourite Aspire tank - and why?

Hello Vapers,
Here is a questionnaire survey, Which is your favorite Aspire tank? And why?
Please feel free to share your idea with us.
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  • 1. Nautilus X - best MTL draw and flavor
    2. Nepho - I love the fill port and tank capacity
    3. Tigon - easiest coil replacement system
  • I own quite a few of them. I really like them all, a lot, they're all great tanks. They are all high-quality well-built tanks. My favorite is the Cleito 120 Pro with the 0.15ohm Mesh coils at 60 watts. Let’s see...
    Nautilus – I got this one for my wife to replace her Nautilus 2 tank on her Zelos mod for the larger capacity.
    2 - Nautilus 2 - This was a good starter tank, I got them with in Zelos Kits, my wife still uses the Zelos Mod
    Triton V2 – This tank I got for temp vaping and I love it, works great.
    Nepho – This tank came with my Dynamo Kit and it’s a fantastic tank. I use the mesh coils and the flavor is awesome, great cloud at lower wattage and the tank capacity is nice. I think it is my second favorite.
    Revvo – Ok, this is my favorite at home, in the evening tank. The flavor is incredible, and you look like a steam engine puffing smoke, Vapor. It sucks down the juice though and doesn’t hold that much for what it consumes, that’s why it stays at home most of the time, but the flavor makes it worth it! The top fill method is neat and it’s easy to fill.
    Athos – Wow! The penta coil is ridiculous! This one may not be for the beginner. Its 100-120-watt furnace. I really had to work up to the Athos, I’m a relatively new vaper. It produces a very thick vapor and the flavor, well it’s kind of like drinking the vape juice. The flavor is that intense.
    Cleito 120 – I purchased this tank to hold my Cleito 120 RTA System. My first experience was not good but I’m sure it was my fault, somehow. I just wicked it last night and it tastes bad. I’ll work on it.
    Cleito 120 RTA – I bought this, honestly, because it was only $4.00, and I am curious about building my own coils. I got it to put in my Cleito 120 Pro, but it doesn’t fit right, the Cleito 120 Pro fills in the top at the side and the RTA takes up almost all the tank space and makes the top fill unusable. So, I bought a regular Cleito 120 tank. Now I just need to get the build right.
    Cleito 120 Pro – This is my favorite thank. It has a great selection of coils, including the regular Cleito 120 coils. I like the 0.15ohm Mesh Coils at
    60-75 watts but if I want, I can switch to the 0.16ohm Clapton coil and go to 100- 160 watts. The Coils have large vertical wicking slots that go all the way to the bottom of the tank, so I don’t have to refill at ¼ tank of juice. I get both a thick vapor cloud and tremendous taste.
  • @charlzrocks Thank you for your idea :D
  • Nautilus 5ml tank is the ultimate tank.
  • @charlzrocks I just got my Dynamo Kit back and I missed my Nepho tank more than I realized. I might have to change my vote.
  • @DRJohnson61 I again may have to change my vote. I rebuilt the Cleito 120 RTA Deck and did it correctly this time. I didn't wash my hands before wicking it the first time and it tasted like rotten monkey butt. (no, I was not handling any rotten monkey butt)
    I washed my hands and used nitrile gloves this time. I now understand what all the fuss is with the rebuildable tanks. The wattage range is large the flavor is intense and thick vapor. Great finish and after taste. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I also got the Cleito 120 Fat Boy Glass and the tank is much more usable with it, I don't need to fill it every 10 seconds now. It does like to consume the juice but that's a small price to pay for the yummy performance of it. I can't wait to try different wires and experiment and I think that I am now inspired to purchase the Quad Flex Survival Kit.

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