Nautilus BVC coils

I have Nautilus AIO 1.8 NS green band coil. Can I use them in my Nautilus 2S tank?
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  • The Nautilus AIO is interchangeable with 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm regular Nautilus coil,
    however, only the 1.8ohm coil with green seal gasket and NS mark is appropriate for nicotine salts. We suggest using the 1.8ohm coil with NS mark only with Nautilus AIO device. The Nautilus 0.7ohm coil and triton mini 1.2ohm &1.8Ohm &0.15ohm cannot be used with Nautilus AIO.
  • Yes that is the Nic Salt coil!
  • Just bought Zelos 2.0 with nautilus 2S tank, I want to use nic salt in this. I have Nautilus AIO 1.8 NS green band will this work.
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