Tigon Tank- More coil options?

Hi, I got the Tigon tank (by itself, not the kit) and I really love the tank it so far. The topfill system is amazing, and changing coils is really great. But the one thing that I can't get over is the coils. I've mainly been using the 1.2 coils, and there is a odd taste to them, especially compared to all other Aspire coils. I've read that nichrome sometimes gives off a funny flavor, and I think this might be the cause of this.

I'm wondering if you're planning on making additional coils that are perhaps kanthal? My favorite Aspire coil is the Nautlius X 1.8 coil, which gives me perfect flavor. I would love it if you made a coil that gives similar flavor and warmth.

I also wish the 1.2 allowed for higher wattage, so maybe a .7 kanthal coil, or something in that rage that allowed for higher MTL wattage, like the Nautilus has.

I really love this tank, but I just wanted to give some feedback regarding the coils. I really hope you'll consider releasing more. Or while I'm wishing...perhaps give us a Nautilus X2 that takes the same coils, but with a new and improved topfill like the Tigon :)
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