AIO heat issues when drawing

I just got my AIO from Aspire and I think it is great, but when I draw, I get warm to hot vapes after the 2nd or third draw. I tried different air control settings and different length inhales. I am vaping 65 VG and 35 PG. 1.5 nic. IS this the nature of the beast because of the coil being so close to the mouthpiece? Any help would be grateful.
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  • thanks for being here and commenting. I have to be more aware of how I vape this device. It is different than my other tanks. Definitely MTL vaping will work and I will make sure that they are 1.8 coils. I appreciate your help. I notice I also may vape this to fast because of the good flavor. And I also must be aware of the length of hits I actually take, like you said it is a MTL devise. thanks.
  • Which model are you speaking of?
  • its the one they call the AIO. not the breeze or spryte. Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod System
  • First off, are you doing MTL "Mouth to Lung" or DTL "Direct to Lung" vaping? Mouth to lung is where you draw vapor into your mouth and inhale to your lung like you would smoke a cigarette. Direct to lung is where you inhale directly to your lung. The Nautilus AIO is a mouth to lung device only and is not meant for direct to lung vaping. If you are drawing direct to lung, the coil will get much hotter as it is activated for a longer period of time than mouth to lung vaping. Also, if you are "chain vaping" which would be taking draw after draw right in a row, the coil will heat up and stay hotter for a longer period of time. Although the coil is closer to the mouthpiece, the vape with this MTL device should not be "Hot" unless you are chain vaping. Your pg/vg ratio and nic strength should not be a factor with the heat of the coil. The coils that come with this device are 1.8Ω and you should NOT be using coils that are a lower resistance than 1.8Ω. If you are using a 0.7Ω coil, therein lies your main problem. I hope that this answers your question.
  • You are very welcome! Most places that sell vapes fail to ask the user which type of vaping that they do, MTL or DTL, and this can be a point of contention when and if the user encounters a problem. Glad we got it sorted out!
  • Hi I’m having this same issue since day 1 of purchasing the aspire AOI.. the mouth piece gets extremely hot it’s uncomfortable.. I’m a mouth to lung vapor been using a lot of aspire products.. I started on the nautilus and was using the aspire breeze 1 for over a year and love it.. but was so happy with the ease of filling, and how the tank is 4 ml compared to the breeze. But the mouth piece gets extremely hot. I use 1.8 ohm coils only. I never get coils under 1.2 because I can’t mouth to lung with those.. please tell me what I can do the other post I see are no help.. I use regular e juice 12 mg nicotine.
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