Pockex Burnt taste with new primed coils

Hi recently our purchased pockex (roughly 2 months ago) loved it! for the last two weeks I keep getting a burnt taste. Vape shop said probably dodgy coil switched it. Primed new coil and after about 10 pulls get same burnt taste. If I unscrew the top and screw back on it goes until another 10 pulls (roughly) I have tried about 4new coils and used different flavours always the same can't go more than 10 - 15 pulls literally. Also used 60/40 mix as well as 70/30 always same results. Have to keep unscrewing and rescrewing any ideas!? Help
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  • It sounds like you may have fake coils. Some fake coils may not have enough cotton in them and/or the juice ports may be smaller than on genuine Aspire coils. Did you check the scratch off on the coil box to see if they are genuine Aspire coils? See this thread: https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/27688/check-your-aspire-scratch-off-code-for-authenticity/p1
  • I have this exact same issue! I've got through a dozen coils, a new main unit and several other spare parts. There's no visible sugar burn and I've verified the authenticity of all my coils too. I'm on the brink of giving up on the Pockex as it's making vaping horrible (not to mention expensive).
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  • If you've just changed to a new coil and still getting a burnt taste it could be due to chain vaping, when you take puff after puff with barely any break in between. It is probably the most common cause of coil burning, especially for new vapers. Most vapers chain vape at some point
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