Aspire Zelos 50w Kit m/Nautilus 2 coils getting smokey very fast.

Hey i got the Aspire Zelos 50w Kit m/Nautilus 2 and i have been using it on and off for a year. But when i started using it again now recently. i changed to a new coil and it very very fast got smokey and very dry. Its like its too much juice in the coil. makes a blubbing sound when i draw it.

Is this a problem that u guys have heard about. Went through two coils in 3 days.
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  • And yeah i use it on a 0.7 coil with about 17w
  • First off the 0.7Ω coils are rated at 18-23 watts. Maybe you are firing at too low of a wattage and the coils are flooding instead of vaporizing the liquid. It is nearly impossible to get a dry hit from a flooded coil. You may have overfilled the tank and that can flood the coil as well. Are you letting the coils sit for 3 minutes after you first fill the tank so that the coils absorbs the juice enough before you first hit on the new coil? Are the coils genuine Aspire coils? Did you check the scratch off on the box?
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