Pockex making bubbling sound

Hi there, I've had my pockex for about 6 months and its started making a bubbling sound sometimes when I fire it. When it makes that sound it also doesn't produce much of a vape cloud. Is there anything I can do?
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  • After you refill the PockeX the pressure from screwing the top/coil back onto the unit can cause extra e-liquid to be forced into the coil. This flooding of the coil is normal and can be fixed by removing the drip tip and taking a rolled up piece of facial tissue and inserting it into the coil to soak up the bubbling liquid. (Roll the tissue from the corner of the tissue to form a cone). The bubbling could also signal that you need to install a new coil. The flooding should not happen when you install a new coil because there is no liquid in the coil yet. See the photo of the tissue I have attached. I hope this helps, I do this every time I refill my PockeX.image
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    Thanks for the tip! I'll start doing that from now on and see how it goes.
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