Cobble survived a wash!

I've been using my cobble for about 2 months ( my second and better foray into e-cigs... This device is so light and it holds a charge for a long time) A couple of weeks ago I found a crack at the bottom of the mouthpiece, my distributor (Canada vape in Brantford Ontario) replaced for me no questions asked...

But that's not what this post is about. Yesterday I kinda left my device in my work pants pocket which immediately went into the laundry.
Much to my surprise after a day to drain out the battery pack it's taking a charge just fine!
The mouthpiece/reservoir was saturated with water so after draining it and refilling, it acted up a bit initially but it seems to be no worse the wear even after a rambunctious trip in a killer washing machine.
Kudos to the engineers!!!
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