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The Aspire puxos kit must be the worst on today's market? i bought the kit and within 5 day's i had to remove the Battery as the Aspire wouldn't stop firing by itself and got mad hot,i returned it to the shop and after a long discussion the eventually replaced it,almost immediately the new one was losing its plastic side as the magnets came away from the body,then where the bowl fits to the main body came unstuck this is where the bowl screws to the main body? after having to keep putting it back on eventually the plastic crack leaving the vape useless? i have has SMOK and KANGERTECH in the past with no problems, save your money people and buy a decent vape. very disappointed
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  • Were both the Puxos mods Genuine Aspire? Did you check the scratch off on the package after you bought it? There are MANY fakes out there !
  • @kevtully First please make sure you got the original product
    What's more, if you have any problem with Aspire product, please feel free to contact Aspire service

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