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I have had m breeze about 4 days. It was working fine and the blue light would flash when I would use it or turn on/off. The light has since turned to pink very clear pink - not orange as described in the manual. I followed the charging instructions and have been trying to charge it, but the light will not go back to blue. It stayed pink. It seems to be working fine, but I dont want it to die. Has anyone had this problem? Am I doing something wrong?
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  • Hmmm...that is a new one for me. I checked my Breeze and the light was orange -ish pink. I haven't charged mine in a while so I put mine on the charger and I will let you know what happens!
  • First off,,, are you speaking about the original Breeze or the Breeze 2? I have both!
  • When the Breeze is in use, the light will indicate your Breeze’s current charge. When the Breeze’s current charge capacity is above 3.8 volts the indicator lights will be blue and orange(Looks like pink,the same color light when you turn on or turn off the mod). When the charge is between 3.8 and 3.4 volts the light will be blue only. When the charge drops below 3.4 volts the light will then become orange to remind you that it is time to charge your Breeze.
  • Thanks @Tina it was the "Pink" lights that were confusing us!
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