still haven't received any updates, frustrating

It has been 12 days since i completed my order via paypal, and I have still yet to receive any information on the status of my shipment. It seems that this is a common issue, and none of my emails have been answered. If the items I had requested at the time, were not in fact available, please make sure to update that on the website. I would like to try and solve this and figure ou the location of my order. The numbers I have received are as follows:

Paypal invoice number: 113743-1545452946-[Aspire]
Number received on order: 201471483

Any explanation to this would be helpful. Thanks.
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  • Hello friend ,
    The order was shipped out via e-EMS , usually it takes 8-20 workdays , please kindly wait for some time .

    Tracking number : LT154736034CN
    Check website:;

    This is the tracking information ,
    2018-12-25 06:27
    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment -> We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
    2018-12-25 06:27
    CHINA, SHENZHEN EMS, Processed Through Facility
    2018-12-24 18:51
    CHINA, Acceptance
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