Don't Send Money to the Aspire Warranty/Service Dept.

I sent my Rainbow Breeze 2 to the warranty dept. with the receipt, unit in original box, the sleeve with the authentication code, and $10 for return shipping. I filled out their online service form, submitted it, and included a copy in the package. That was on October 8th. They cashed my check on October 12th. I received an email in early November informing me that the service was approved and asking me to send the unit, receipt, and $10 for return shipping. The problem was they already had my device and cashed my check!! Here it is December 4th and my device has not been returned. My first 2 emails were ignored. I got a response on November 16th to my THIRD email saying "sorry about all of this" and stating that my product would be shipped that day. Again, it's December 4th and no device!!! Don't send money with your device! My money was kept and I never received a new or repaired device. If your Breeze 2 breaks within the 90 day warranty period, which it probably will, buy a new one. Dealing with the Aspire warranty/service department is not worth the frustration.
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    @LittleBelle Hello Friend,
    To provide more professional and immediate service to our customers, we have switched our USA service system from Uvaper to Aspire Warranty Center USA from October, the new contact information is as below, if you are in USA and have any problems with your aspire products, please feel free to contact our service center,
    Aspire Warranty Center USA
    What's more, did you contact Uvaper after November 16th? Did you get the reply from them?
    If you contacted Uvaper after November 16th and didn't get the reply, please feel free to contact our new service center in USA
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