Pockex Crackling

Hi, I'm new to vaping and am using a Pockex. I've some questions, please:

  1. Does it normally crackle and pop with every draw, or might there be a problem? I'm not filling it to far and can draw without spit-back.
  2. Do I need to keep it upright to avoid leaking?
  3. When transporting is it wise to press fire button 5x to lock, then do the same to draw?
Thanks very much!
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  • The noise that you are hearing is normal for nearly every vaping device. The sound of the juice vaporizing will have more crackle and pop due to the sub ohm SS coil. It is not necessary to keep the Pockex perfectly upright. If it leaks it is because something isn't tightened correctly or you have left it in a very hot or very cold place (a hot car for example) Extreme variations in temperature for long periods of time may cause leaks. It is always a good idea to turn the unit off (click 5X) when in your pocket or purse to keep it from accidentally being fired.
  • @charlzrocks Thank you very much. I'm glad that my unit is all good.
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