Aspire Dynamo firmware V02

We add a puff count in Aspire Dynamo firmware V02.

Click here to know the detailed information and download the firmware file
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  • Hello,

    I bought the Aspire Dynamo Mod two weeks ago, it's very good.

    Last week I updated the firmware to v02, no problems.

    I use 18650's, both are identical and in good working order.
    When fully charged, the device shows 100%, then after only a couple of vapes, the device then shows 80% charge.

    As a feature request, could you add a more accurate battery charge level, please? Perhaps showing the actual charge level, eg, 86% instead of just using 20% increments.

    Many Thanks.
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    @AD_UK As we received the feedback from many users that the actual charge level percentage doesn't comply with the battery icon increments. So we took their suggestion to use 20% increments to show the battery charge level
    20% battery percentage means:3.2-3.5V, 40% battery percentage means:3.5-3.75V, 60% battery percentage means:3.75-3.9V, 80% battery percentage means:3.9-4.05V, 100% percentage means:4.05-4.2V

    We will also pass your suggestion to our R&D department

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