Battery Error on SkyStar

I've not had my SkyStar long but its been working fine for a few weeks until last night. I put a new coil in, primed it and tried to use it, but it keeps saying that my battery is low. The batteries were at about 50% charge, so i switched it off, put it on charge, came back when it was fully charged, and it still said low battery.

I've tested the batteries in another mod with no issues, put them in my tester, still full capacity (I'd hope so they're brand new), reset the mod, gone through the manual and countless video tutorials to make sure I'm not missing anything, but everything is set up correctly.

Can someone let me know if they have encountered this before and/or have any ideas on a fix, cause I'm running out.

Thanks in advance
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  • I have not yet heard of this problem! Maybe @Tina can get with the tech team and find a solution for you.
  • I'd appreciate that, thank you
  • @celiveil
    Please send detailed information about your problem to aspire service department
    they will check with aspire engineer and seek suggestion from aspire engineer for you

  • I have done that and i was told to send it in under warranty. i'd rather not be without my ecig as im trying to quit smoking altogether, and they couldn't give me a time scale. If it was for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, i think i could cope, but with it being in china, i know it would be alot longer than that.

    I was hoping of being told of a way to factory reset the device or something else that i might get it working again.
  • Users can reset the device to the factory reset by updating the firmware to the original version
    here is the link to download the firmware file
  • Hi, I have a similar problem.

    I've had the Revvo Tank and Skystar Mod for over a month now. Everything has been perfect until today. Today I went to go use my vape and when I turned it on the battery was low so when I went to take a drag it wouldn't work obviously and then it just shut off by itself.

    And so like every other time my mod runs out of battery I went to charge it up. That's when I realized there's a problem.
    It won't charge or even connect to my laptop at all.

    I work in a trade so I pulled out my multi-meter to check if the USB wire, charging block and even the batteries and everything gave me normal readings.

    It's a shame cause I don't want to buy another vape since this is my second one from Aspire and I've spent a decent amount of money on their products. I like their products but I seem to have bad luck with them.

    The vape is still in pristine condition over the month I haven't dropped it once or knocked it over, still looks brand new.

    So I am really confused with why the vape is not working anymore, I'd appreciate your help!
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