Battery Safety and Compatible Devices

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I just wanted to touch real quick on battery safety with the release of the new Atlantis and Aspire having less rebuilders as a target market...

When using subohm coils you are pushing more amps on your battery cell than traditional electronic devices. You have to be aware of the amount of amps your battery is able to withstand before using subohm coils. Here is an example of a basic electronic setup:

On a standard electronic cigarette eGo battery that most vapers start with you have a fully charged battery at 4.2 volts and say you're using a 1.8 ohm BVC this equals 2.33 amps. If you have a VV battery and turn it up to 4.8 it only changes slightly to 2.67.

Now, take that same eGo battery and use the Atlantis with a 0.5 ohm BVC your device should not work because the internal safety will not fire that low for protection. If this same eGo battery at 4.2 volts did actually fire due to bad protection you would be pushing 8.4 amps. This will likely result in a possible fire and the battery shooting across the room.

There are plenty of resources on electronic cigarette battery safety that can be found on Google and beginner users should read and understand battery safety and subohms.

On the other side, Aspire has taken all of this into consideration and offered a compatible battery here: ... -p-91.html

This battery is safe to use with the Atlantis and can be charged easily with their USB/Wall charger. As long as you have a battery capable of withstanding high amp draw, like the Aspire Subohm battery the risk is significantly reduced.

If you have any questions just ask!
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  • Please use compatible devices and batteries with the Atlantis tank/coils.
    Never use our sub ohm coils on some ego twist batteries or other devices with other inferior/low batteries.
    Please make sure your battery have the enough wattage output(20-30W) to fire our sub ohm coils.
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