New 1.6 & 1.8 ohm BVC coils DO NOT WORK in Nautilus AIO!

Just recently picked up a couple of Nautilus AIO as pocket friendly carry outs - they are nice and slim, very lightweight and work reasonably well - alright they don't produce huge amounts of vapour, they can be a bit "spitty" especially on a full battery charge, they are a pain to fill in a hurry, rather a warm vape BUT they seem fairly well engineered and do the job.

According to Aspire they are only suitable for the 1.8 and 1.6 ohm coils and I can see why - the centre cup of the coil holder is not large enough to accept the bigger bottom pins of the other coils as well as allowing airflow - 1.2, 1.8 Clapton and 0.7 ohm etc.- which is fair enough.

Trouble is I have just bought 2 packs of each of the 1.6 and 1.8 ohm Nautilus coils and they seem to have now changed them again - they now have the larger diameter (and bigger air holes) bottom positive pin so whilst they WILL physically fit they completely cut off the airflow! They will NOT work with the Nautilus AIO !

Yes, the "scratch and sniff" tells me they are all genuine. These have a batch date of 1806284 whereas my stock of older coils (same box, same labelling and description) but a batch date of 1709180 have the smaller bottom pins so these do fit. Strangely enough the coils that came with the AIO also have the small pins?

Now before somebody chirps up with "just change the bottom pins" - you can't do this satisfactorily, because the pin, insulator AND the base of the atomiser are a larger diameter than the old ones so if you try to fit the smaller pin and insulator it is very loose and likely to leak or at least not clamp the wires effectively giving erroneous resistance readings to the mod.

It makes me wonder how many production lines/facilities Aspire has producing these coils and whether they are all singing from the same hymn sheet?

Some time ago we had the fiasco of the wonderful ceramic wicks in the original BVC coils - that was "swept under the carpet" and suddenly ceramic was out and cotton was in. Then they decided to increase the size of the juice ports in the atomiser - presumably to satisfy the needs of the trend for high VG blend users? Trouble is, for anyone that wanted to continue using a higher PG blend the end result, in Nautilus and Nautilus Mini, was gurgling and/or flooding - at least they still worked wonderfully in the Kabuki but consigned my Nautili to the vape drawer.

Now we have new Nautilus coils THAT DO NOT WORK in the latest Nautilus device - priceless! I've wasted my money again!

Oh, and I don't expect a reply from ANYONE at Aspire - why break a tradition!
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  • @woodbar Thank you for the information.
    Would you please take a clear picture to show the difference(The e-juice holes and the holes on the connector), we will check. We received several messages from our customers that they found some 1.8ohm coils with larger e-juice holes and the holes on the connector is also large recently, but we check our products development department, we didn't change the design.

  • Hello Tina, as I have actually had a reply I have taken the trouble to respond to your request below.

    Please note I have not bothered to document the e-juice holes as since the change from the smaller ones, some long time ago, they seem fairly consistent - I do note however that quite often identical packs of 1.8 ohm coils (the main one I use) have differing wire coil i.d. - usually 2.0mm but sometimes 2.5mm? Of course this does affect the airflow and flavour to a degree but as both produce acceptable results we can save that question for another time!

    Also note that the larger insulator shown in the photos is actually from a Clapton coil BUT it is identical to the white one from the newer Kanthal 1.8 which I lost whilst moving things around to photograph and is the correct fit in the newer batch of "wide bore" coils! I did not want to cannibalise another new coil!

    The newer large pin coil is clear to see on the left

    The different diameter connector pin

    Both are authentic

    Details of bore and pin sizes etc.

    As per my original post the larger pins and body are the same as used in the 1.8 Clapton and 1.2 ohm (both actually labelled for Triton Mini) and I assume the later 0.7 ohm, which I do not have, and if you fit one in the new Nautilus AIO the larger pin simply cuts off all air flow!

    So although Aspire has apparently NOT changed the actual design these later anomalies ARE made from parts that are obviously available on the production line AND used in other versions of the Nautilus/Triton mini/Nautilus 2 coils. Maybe someone down the line is doing a "mix & match" oblivious to the fact that the end result means that customers buying expensive replacement coils for their new Nautilus AIO find that they are totally incompatible with their device!

    I hope that is enough detail for you to follow this up and find out where the error is.

  • @Tina would you like to address this post?
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    Hello @woodbar
    Your photos make me confused.
    The first photo, you show two 1.8ohm coil(10-14W) and 1.8ohm(4.2-5.0V), Do the 1.8ohm coil with (10-14W) is from batch (1806284), and the one 1.8ohm coil with (4.2-5.0V) is from batch (1709180)?

    The second photo, you show both 1.8ohm coils with (10-14W), do both coils from batch (1806284)?

    The third photo(4.45mm) is for which coil? and the fourth photo(4.97mm) is for which coil?

    The seventh photo, left one for which coil and the right one for which coil?
    The eighth photo, left one for which coil and the right one for which coil?
    and the right one with orange o-ring, it is not the same one shows in your second photo

    What's more, "I do note however that quite often identical packs of 1.8 ohm coils (the main one I use) have differing wire coil i.d. - usually 2.0mm but sometimes 2.5mm? " do you mean the 1.8ohm coil from the same pack has different inner dimension? 2.0 and 2.5mm?
  • Hello again @Tina

    I am sorry my photos have confused you, I will try and clarify:-

    Photo 1- Both coils are genuine Nautilus 1.8 - the l/h one is the newer batch 1806284 - I was mainly trying to show the different pins so I apologise that the r/h atomiser (old batch) was showing the voltage which I assume you are aware is shown on the opposite side of the body!

    Phot0 2 - The l/h is from the newer batch 1806284 and the r/h is from the older batch 1709180 - NO, obviously NOT from the same batch - I was trying to convey the differences between the different batches?

    Photo 3 - is showing the diameter of the pin on the old batch

    Photo 4 - is showing the same for the new batch - BIGGER

    Photo 7 - l/h smaller bore is old batch - r/h larger bore is new batch

    Photo 8 - should be obvious - l/h = smaller pin, old batch with smaller bore and insulator - r/h = larger pin, new batch with larger bore AND insulator.

    I did explain why I showed an orange insulator in my earlier post - however it is exactly the same dimension as the one I lost.

    Finally regarding the wire coil i.d. - no I have noted the differences between packs of atomisers but not within the same pack.

    In any event I have now discovered the definitive cause of the problem why these new coils won't ever work in the Nautilus AIO - please see my next post, just tidying up the photos.

    I even might try and edit the annotations in my post to make it clearer.

  • Hello again @Tina

    OK, I have found the underlying cause of the title of this thread - New Nautilus coils do not work in the Nautilus AIO.

    I needed to refill the AIO earlier and as it was virtually empty I decided to take the coil holder apart and see what was going on.

    The next photo shows the relevant parts - I have removed the positive connection cup from the coil holder

    The next image shows the 1.8 ohm coil I am currently using (old batch) sitting in the connection cup - note a reasonable air gap between the insulator and connector cup

    Finally, this image shows a 1.8 ohm coil from the new batch which, as I explained and photographed above has a wider bore in the body, wider connector pin AND A LARGER DIAMETER INSULATOR to suit

    Which TOTALLY blocks off the air and if you try to screw it in tight the bottom pin and insulator stays in the holder most times when you try to unscrew the atomiser!

    I can only reiterate my earlier comments - somewhere within the production facility the WRONG PARTS are being used to assemble the 1.8 ohm Nautilus coils and it would be nice if Aspire were open an honest and acknowledged these problems. It always seems a struggle to convince them that they have got a problem which is why I have not bothered with this forum for a long while and only came back when I experienced the problem with the AIO. It might be nice to offer to replace the errant atomisers with the correct ones but I always get the feeling that Aspire are immediately defensive and infer that it is the users fault (and so it might be sometimes - too tight, too loose, too much VG, not enough VG, too many watts, not enough watts, misleading photos, non-genuine parts, etc. etc.) BUT not every time!

    How many customers worldwide do you need to buy the Nautilus AIO and then find the new replacement atomisers they buy for it will not work before Aspire take notice?

    My guess, we will soon see a Nautilus AIO "Improved" or V2, with a better fill arrangement and a wider atomiser holder! Hopefully I am wrong but I remember the Pegasus, which burnt coils and the battery door kept falling open - suddenly we got V2, then of course the Triton with one O-ring missing and another the wrong size....... etc. etc.......

    I am going to have a warning label put on my wallet -" WARNING - Never buy version 1 of anything to do with vaping" no matter how tempting or wonderful the reviews are!

  • Wow, those last two photos explain it all. Good detective work @woodbar ! A smoking gun if I ever saw one (pardon the pun). Now it is just to find how many of these are out there in circulation and what to do about it. As we sell these in the shop I work in, I will have to check out each one in stock to make sure the clearance is right just to be on the safe side.
  • @woodbar thank you for the detailed information
    After we checking with our engineer and our Engineering drawing, we didn't change the design of the Nautilus coils from year 2014
    and we have passed the photos to our engineer and our QC department
    the product with large dimension is not made by us, as we use a special precise tool to assemble the coil, if one part of the coil is out of the allowable size range, the coil can not be assembled.The connector pin of the coil, the dimension is 4.45+-0.05
    What's more, the coil wire is made by precise machine, the inner dimension of the coil wire is limited to one range, it can not be 2.5mm, the dimension is 2.0+-0.05

    We suggest that please ask the seller where you bought the product from for replacement for fake product.

  • Hello @charlzrocks , long time no speak!

    Yes, I was pleased to actually find the cause and realise that it is not the larger centre pin blocking the airflow but the larger insulator (which in turn is necessitated by the larger pin - Catch 22, I think!))

    I will reply to @Tina later this evening when I have checked a few more things but in view of the response it may be wise to print out the first photo in my previous post as a reference and check your stock of Nautilus 1.6 and 1.8 ohm atomisers. If you find any that have the larger pin/insulator they will absolutely, definitely not work in the Nautilus AIO and will need returning to your suppliers, and ultimately Aspire - unless you have the desire to increase the level of customer complaints at your store of course :))

    It is all the more disappointing as although these newer larger pin coils work in the Nautilus or Kabuki, now I have tried them for a few days, I can confirm they have different airflow, flavour, density of vape and give somewhat inferior results compared to what I am used to with the original 1.8 ohm (small pin) atomiser which is still my all time favourite. This is why I endeavour to advise Aspire of these problems that could definitely damage the status of the, hitherto, highly regarded Nautilus coil!.

    Reminds me of the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
  • @Tina I am rather surprised and disappointed by the response prompted by your "engineer" and QC department.

    I appreciate the underlying design principle of the Nautilus atomiser may not have changed BUT individual parts HAVE been modified and updated.

    The product with the "large dimension is not made by us" is absolutely not true - you produce

    1.2 Kanthal
    0.15 NI200
    1.8 Clapton
    0.7 Kanthal

    ALL with exactly that dimension of pin, insulator and base and ALL variously listed as suitable for the Nautilus although some may be labelled as Triton Mini!

    As you are no doubt aware the atomiser body consists of 2 parts press fitted together so it is quite easy in production to fit the wider bore bottom part. insulator and pin to virtually any specification of coil and I believe this is what has happened to the 1.6 and 1.8 items in the new batches in my earlier post.

    Again your statement that the coil i.d. can not be 2.5mm and can only be 2.0mm is blatantly untrue - please see list of coils above which ALL have greater than 2.0mm i.d. so there IS a production facility to allow your "precise machine" to fit these larger coils in the Nautilus main body!

    I am always very careful where I purchase my Nautilus atomisers and as these were sourced from your own official UK distributor (see the label on the box in the first photo) and have passed the security code check as genuine then I am amazed you now suggest they are a fake product?

    Are you suggesting that your own appointed distributor is importing and selling fake products and your security code check is useless? Maybe both Nautilus AIO I have bought are also fake then as they were sourced from the same distributor and have passed the security check. Maybe in all these years I have only ever had fake Aspire products - really, I don't think so!

    I am afraid that what we actually have here is the usual cursory interest from Aspire when they are advised of a problem, counter suggestions and requests for more information BUT when presented with indisputable proof that Aspire have made an error the the only way out is to cry "Fake product, contact your supplier".

    Well actually, I am contacting the ultimate supplier - Aspire, and so far you are denying all responsibility, again.

    May I suggest you ask your "engineer" and QC to reconsider the above and actually physically check some of batch 1806284 to find out what is going on?
  • OK, well I would have thought 5 days was enough time for a response?





  • Hello Friend,
    As we explained above, we passed the photo you took to our QC and our engineer department.
    the product with large dimension is not made by us, as we use a special precise tool to assemble the coil, if one part of the coil is out of the allowable size range, the coil can not be assembled.The connector pin of the coil, the dimension is 4.45+-0.05
    What's more, the coil wire is made by precise machine, the inner dimension of the coil wire is limited to one range, it can not be 2.5mm, the dimension is 2.0+-0.05

    What's more, with so many fakes around in the market now it gets a bit frustrating for those of us who really do want the best and original quality
    So here at Aspire we’re taking yet another step to assure our customers that they are getting the ‘real deal’ for their hard earned money.

    We are now introducing an entirely new anti-counterfeit, scratch and check label with a QR code ,a hologram and letters... for extra security
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    Sorry, YOU DO MAKE A PRODUCT WITH THAT DIMENSION - see the list of coils in my previous post!

    So basically you are saying your security code check, affixed to the packs of coils, is worthless then and your official UK distributor is selling fake products? Does that not worry you at all?
  • Funny that, the trail has gone cold.

    Basically, if you get a problem with an Aspire product it MUST BE A CLONE. No one at Aspire ever makes a mistake, ever! Aspire NEVER manufactures a faulty product, ever!

    Very nice to be in that position, then again it could just be delusional.

    Oh well, more of my hard earned cash wasted for the benefit of Aspire. It is a bit one sided if you think about it, no one ever has to come back to me and say my dollars were sub-standard!
  • Hmmmm....who else is having this problem? So far all we see are your and Tina's discussion about this. Where are all the other folks with this problem? Seems you are beating a dead horse here......just saying.
  • Here we go................
  • OP is not alone. I have the same problem. Have purchased older BVC coils and they work fine, but newer ones will not allow the AIO to work. It sucks because some stores will not do an exchange or return on a pack of 5 coils when one has been used. This sucks.
  • I can confirm the same results. I just bought some coils that will not allow airflow. put in an old one and it works fine.
  • Well well, that's 2 more people that Aspire can accuse of buying fakes
  • I am having this exact same problem, which is how I found this thread. I recently bought a pack of 1.8 coils for my nautilus aspire and none of them work. I compared them to the old one I was replacing and the pinhole at the top is larger on all of the new ones. These also passed the "authentic" security check. I buy them from a trusted retail store and they are diligent with their stock.
  • I am also having this exact same problem. I have spent a fortune on BVC coils for my Nautilus AIO - all genuine as per authenticity check - but they don't work with my AIO device! No air flows through at all. And like the OP says, the BVC coil that comes with the starter kit DOES work with the device. I've spent so much money on replacement coils now... i'm just going to retire the AIO and buy a different device from a different company as Aspire clearly don't have a clue what they're doing. Such a shame, the Nautilus AIO had such potential!
  • @woodbar We are not accused of fake, your photos are the evidence.
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