Breeze 2 not clicking on tank (2nd Failure)

I am not seeing anyone here mentioning this. I have purchased 2 Breeze 2 units and BOTH of them stopped working in under 3 months. The little plastic clips that hold the tank on the battery keep breaking. The warranty costs $10 plus shipping so its just as easy to just buy another but I should not have to. I LOVE this one better than my original Breeze but I can't keep buying them because they break.
Can anyone at Aspire comment or help?
I am going to buy the Aspire Nautilus AIO and hope this one lasts longer.
Help anyone if you can.
FYI KandyPens gives a lifetime warranty which I wish you guys did also.
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  • Hello Friend,

    For any after-sale problem, please feel free to contact our service department

    Please give the detailed information in the email
  • I'm on my 2nd Breeze2. I like the unit, but they have an issue. The little tabs that hold the pod in break VERY easily! My first one broke off right at the edge of the hook. My 2nd one just broke today, but a little further down on the hook piece. Both units lasted about a month (just AFTER the warranty expired!!!) before they broke I don't know if the rubber stopper is causing them to break or what, but now the pods do not snap in and do not hit! I wish they would sell parts to fix this problem, but for now I have to put a rubber band around the battery and pod to make the coil contact the battery and hit. I LOVE the unit, but this issue needs to be addressed! If they were smart, they should replace it with a metal clip instead of the plastic part.
  • If the product is still within the warranty period, please feel free to contact aspire service department

    If the product out of the warranty period, users can just buy the battery part from online store for replacement
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