Breeze 2 not clicking on tank (2nd Failure)

I am not seeing anyone here mentioning this. I have purchased 2 Breeze 2 units and BOTH of them stopped working in under 3 months. The little plastic clips that hold the tank on the battery keep breaking. The warranty costs $10 plus shipping so its just as easy to just buy another but I should not have to. I LOVE this one better than my original Breeze but I can't keep buying them because they break.
Can anyone at Aspire comment or help?
I am going to buy the Aspire Nautilus AIO and hope this one lasts longer.
Help anyone if you can.
FYI KandyPens gives a lifetime warranty which I wish you guys did also.
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  • Hello Friend,

    For any after-sale problem, please feel free to contact our service department

    Please give the detailed information in the email
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