Nautilus AIO - Spitback / Gurgling Issues

Hey Everyone,

I recently got my Nautilus AIO and I was pretty happy with it. To be honest, I am still pretty happy with it. However, I do seem to notice quite an annoying issue with gurgling / spitback. It spits all the time. I don't really know why. I have a theory that it spits after I'm charging, or after I chain vape on it for a while. All I know is it is a terrible feeling to get hot nic salt splattered against the back of your throat.

Anyone else had spitback issues with the Nautilus AIO? Any solutions?

I'm going to make note of this theory and I will start charging it with the pod removed, and I will avoid hitting it too many times in a row. I'll update if this helps the issue.

P.S. I also kind of think it may be to do with the fact that the coil is RIGHT there, screwed into the chimney. Perhaps the breeze won't have this problem since it has the whole chimney unit? I am thinking that the breeze 2 might have the same issue, since it's coil is situated similarly to the Nautilus AIO.
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  • The battery charging (with or without the POD attached) is not the issue. If you are chain vaping you are pulling in too much of the juice into the coil before it can be vaporized. Also, are you using the Salt Nic coil that came with the unit or the other coil?
    They are both 1.8 ohm but the Salt Nic coil (green o-rings) has slightly smaller juice ports to keep the unit from flooding with thinner Salt Nic liquids. The regular coil can be used with Salt Nic but will possibly facilitate the coil flooding, especially when chain vaping. The Nautilus AIO is a mouth-to-lung unit not a direct-to-lung unit. I have both the Nautilus AIO as well as the Breeze 2 and have never had spitback from either, then again, I am not vaping with Salt Nic juice.
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