Liquid in Top Chamber

Hi All, been using the Skystar mod with Revvo 2ml tank now for about 2 months, great vape and flavour (my opinion). However, recently I have noticed that there is a lot of liquid accumulating in the top chamber which I have to clean daily or eventually this starts to leak from the air vents. Currently vaping high VG liquid (85/15) on 75 watts, any ideas?
PS: Have read a number of articles from people having similar issues and this was caused by filling the tank too much which I have avoided...
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  • I have also encountered this problem and have found that a lighter inhale can prevent much more condensation with this tank. I vape at 75watts using the same mix as yourself and it does cut down on the excess liquid a bit, however it seems to be the nature of the beast due to the ARC coil. I just shove a tissue down in there twice a day and I have no leakage. I also have my AFC set to about 1/2 instead of wide open.
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