Fake Aspire tanks, coils etc.

Hi all. Just joined & first post here. Greetings from South West UK. I am a long term user of Aspire products, have been through K1, K2, CFVV Batteries, 2x Zelos mods, Nautilus & Nautilus mini tanks etc. All good stuff. We recently ordered an extra Nautilus mini tank from a seller on ebay UK that looked genuine but, yes, it turned out to be fake. No security code or scratch & check on the box at all.

I've had no end of issues with the seller, including them offering to send me a genuine replacement (which they probably never had) providing I didn't leave any feedback. Intimidation & Bribery.

So I am going to name & Shame - beware of the shops trading on ebay under the names of aroma-rings and sweetvape.uk-777. Both ebay shops are run by a woman trading as Ecosmoke Ltd from Beaconsfield road in London. I have reported her to ebay and I am hoping they will take the appropiate action, but there is nothing to stop her setting up a new shop and carrying on selling fake products.
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