Fake Aspire tanks, coils etc.

Hi all. Just joined & first post here. Greetings from South West UK. I am a long term user of Aspire products, have been through K1, K2, CFVV Batteries, 2x Zelos mods, Nautilus & Nautilus mini tanks etc. All good stuff. We recently ordered an extra Nautilus mini tank from a seller on ebay UK that looked genuine but, yes, it turned out to be fake. No security code or scratch & check on the box at all.

I've had no end of issues with the seller, including them offering to send me a genuine replacement (which they probably never had) providing I didn't leave any feedback. Intimidation & Bribery.

So I am going to name & Shame - beware of the shops trading on ebay under the names of aroma-rings and sweetvape.uk-777. Both ebay shops are run by a woman trading as Ecosmoke Ltd from Beaconsfield road in London. I have reported her to ebay and I am hoping they will take the appropiate action, but there is nothing to stop her setting up a new shop and carrying on selling fake products.
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  • Thank you for the information.
    Users can buy our products from our authorized vendor or distributors in UK
  • Hi Tina,
    I cannot get the 'sign in' button to work on your home page, but the site let me sign in from this comments box so all is OK!

    Further to my post above, I am trying to get ebay to sort out my problems with this item, and get them to remove the fake & illegal items from the sellers shops to stop other Aspire vapers being caught out. Ebay have told me they need proof from a manufacturer or retailer (on headed paper no less!) that the item is a fake. Is there any way you can help with this, or any advice you can offer? I can send pictures of the fake Nautilus mini tank & packaging if needed. Many thanks - Dave.
  • @DevonVaper Users can check the security code on aspire official site, if the security code doesn't exsit,which means it is fake product, you can screenshot the check result on aspire official website to proof it is fake product
  • Thanks Tina - I understand that, but this Mini Nautilus doesn't even have a scratch & check security code! Ebay have stipulated that before they will stop the seller listing these items, they need proof on headed paper that the item is a fake, and I don't know where to go to achieve this. Thanks - Dave.
  • @DevonVaper Every Nautilus mini tank has a scratch and check label on the box, if users got one that there is no scratch and check label,which means it is fake product.
    You can screenshot what we said to ebay
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