breeze 2 pogo pins not making contact between tank and battery

my breeze 2 doesnt seem to work unless I press the tank down towards the battery while taking a hit. is there any way to adjust the latches tighter or the pogo pins higher to ensure proper connection?
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  • The pins are spring loaded. So the only advice that I can give you is to make sure that the silicone plug and it's tab are securely tamped down in place so that there is nothing protruding that would raise the tank on one edge or the other. Also check that the indentations on the sides of the pod are not broken away. That could also cause a problem.
  • both tabs are intact, and the plug is in place, is the center contact on the bottom of the tank supposed to stick out a little further? that's the only thing that I can see that doesnt seem right.
  • i.e. the center contact sticks out about .3mm further than the ring contact
  • @miller87 Please send the detailed information to aspire service

    They will seek suggestion from aspire engineer for you
  • That also happened to me. Also the tabs that hold the pod in broke on 2 of them and the pogo pins on one of them popped out of the base. I put them back in but they won't stay. The Breeze 2 seems to be very fragile.
  • @tae111 Please send the detailed information to aspire service

    They will give solution to you.
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