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The new Nautilus AIO comes with two 1.8 ohm coils -- one regular and one for nic salt. Both are fine for regular juice, but use the nic salt coil when vaping nic salt. What is the difference between the two coils. I know how that are indicated (green seal), but how is the coil different? Some say that nic salt burns coils quicker. Is it only an issue with high nic juice (36mg+)? The Nautilus coils for AIO are listed separately at the Canadian distributor. Is there a difference between those coils and 1.8 coils for the Nautilus Mini?
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  • The Nautilus AIO is interchangeable with 1.6ohm and 1.8ohm regular Nautilus coil, however, only the 1.8ohm coil with green seal gasket and NS mark is appropriate for nicotine salts. We suggest using the 1.8ohm coil with NS mark only with Nautilus AIO device. The Nautilus 0.7ohm coil and triton mini 1.2ohm &0.15ohm cannot be used with Nautilus AIO.
    The only difference for both 1.8ohm coils is showed by @charlzrocks
    The e-juice holes are different
  • I can't say if the coils burn quicker, however if you look at the 1.8ohm nic salt coil in the photo below, you will see that there is a round juice port and an oval juice port shown. Each nic salt coil has 2 round holes and two oval holes for more juice absorption. The regular 1.8 coil just has 4 round juice ports. There may be more internal differences that I am not aware of, but that is what you can tell just by comparing the two coils visually.
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  • Thanks for that great info @Tina !
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