Breeze 2 flooded coils


I have been using the breeze 2 for about a week. My problem is that every time I refill the tank the coil will get flooded and of course start spitting. I end up replacing the coil altogether. Whenever I finish filling there’s always juice coming out of the coil/mouth piece (I guess from being upside down?)

I am using 70/30 the milkman juice with the 1.0 coils.

Any suggestion? I can’t be using a new coil every time I fill it

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  • It sounds to me like you either don't have the coil screwed in tight enough and have the air flow control closed when you are filling at the fill port. When you close the fill port you are causing back pressure that could flood the coil. If the coil is not screwed in tight enough there could be a leak and that is where your juice is coming into the drip tip. Also, if you dropped the unit you could have cracked the plastic pod which could also result in leaking. The Breeze 2 uses the U-tech coil which has a tendency to flood when refilling. After filling mine, I take off the drip tip and insert a rolled up piece of tissue to absorb the excess juice in the coil. See the photo, try it. You should not have to change the coil every fill. You should only fill it from the orange silicone fill port!
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  • Thanks for the info! I think the coil is screwed fine both to the chimney and the tank... I’ll check though

    Didn’t notice if the air flow was closed by accident when refilling but I always keep it almost fully open

    I’ll try your advice with the rolled paper next time I refill. Hopefully it was just bad luck with those coils.
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