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So I like my pockeX, but I thought of an improvement. The problem with a lot of the miniature or all-in-one devices is that the coil can get slippery on the bottom, so that when you unscrew the top to refill, the coil can come out at the same time causing all of the oil to spill into the charged chamber. So I realized a pretty easy solution... To refill it upside down like the Nautilus clearomizer. If you put a pin in the cap, across the coil, so that the whole assembly came out rather than just the top refill would be easy. Putting a thicker rubber seal would prevent the chamber/cylinder from leaking when turned over. With the liquid making the threads of the coil slick, this seems like a real improvement.
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  • Hmmm, the coil of the PockeX is supposed to stay on the top when it is unscrewed. The coil does also screw into the base of the unit. See the photo from the Aspire website. Perhaps you do not have it screwed into the top tight enough? Anyway, your idea deserves merit as I can see how this would be a problem!
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  • No comment is it really supposed to fill the chamber making the connection? Seems like once those chambers get oil in them, they burn in an unpleasant way...
  • I got one and fill it just the way you see in the photo. The only cause that could give you an unpleasant taste is if you are not waiting long enough for the juice to absorb into the cotton wicking material when replacing a coil. They say to wait at least 2-5 minutes. Also if you have burnt a coil, you should drain all the juice, clean the tank and start with new juice before you replace the coil as the old juice will retain the burnt taste from the bad coil. I myself do not use any more than a 70% VG juice as it takes a higher percentage VG juice longer to absorb and can gunk up the coils faster . I hope this all helps. I love my PockeX, I hope you can get yours to work well for you!
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