Nautilus glass tank cross threading

Hi, I took the steel top off (the mouth end) my nautilus glass 10ml tank to clean it and now i cannot get it back on straight. I've been trying for 30 mins to get it on straight but it's always off straight. This means that when I try to attach it to the bottom of the tank it cannot screw in because it's off center.
Is there some trick to get the glass (internal thread) to screw on correctly? some pics below
4032 x 1960 - 2M
4032 x 1960 - 2M
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  • Would you please send your question and the pictures to our service department:

    From your picture,the glass tube is not screwed to the top hardware correctly.(the top hardware is not screwed to the glass tube smoothly)
    If users want to screw the glass tube with the tup hardware to the base hardware, they need make sure the glass tube screwed to the top hardware correctly.
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