Aspire breeze 2 has suddenly stopped working

I need help to sort out for issue which i am facing with the Aspire breeze 2 pod. I have been using the device from the past one week, but yesterday something happened to it and it stopped working. The device is blinking red and blue light for three times and it stops, it is not even firing. As per the User manual there is short circuit in the device and it is indicated through the blinking of light. I have several times cleaned the device , even have changed the coil but it is not working
Can anyone help me how can sort out the issue. Is there any solution or i have replace the device. ??
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    I had the same problem. Then I realized the rubber plug was in the way of it seating correctly. I trimmed the little tab and now it works.
  • Is the device genuine Aspire? Did you check the scratch off on the packaging against the website> You may have a defective fake product!

  • Yes it is a genuine device. I have verified the security code on the official web site
  • Ok good as the unit has a 3 month warranty. After making sure there is no debris or liquid at the 3 contact points under the liquid pod and you still have the same problem, return it to the retailer where you bought it for a replacement or refund.
  • Is this someone who works for aspire in the preview message saying that I can just bring my device back to where I bought it within 3 months to return it????
  • If the retailer won't take it back then If you have any question for Aspire Products, please feel free to contact Aspire service
    and If you are located in US and want warranty service, please visit here to know the detailed information on how to submit warranty service request.

    If you are located in Canada and want warranty service, please visit here to know the detailed information on how to submit a warranty service request.
  • @ja8669 Thank you for the information and support
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