skystar trouble updating

Trying to update firmware on my aspire sky star it does not seem to stay connected to my windows 10 pc and does not show on the downloaded firmware update software from aspire.
Is anybody else having trouble with this?
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  • If you didn't get a reply from here, please feel free to contact our service to seek suggestion from aspire engineer
  • It is important to have the update software running before you connect the mod. When you connect the mod without the software running it will connect for a few seconds and disconnect. Launching the software at any point after connecting the mod won't work. If the software is running, plug in the mod and the software update screen will minimise for a few seconds and then reappear connected to the mod. There is no actual update available yet though. The update on the download section is just the original software you already have in the mod. They have posted it so you can revert back if you don't like a future update.
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