PockeX Experience from An Ex-Smoker New to Vaping

I was a smoker for 20+ years, and then a non smoker for years. My wife smoked for about 30 years, and then this year she got into vaping, and hasn't touched a cigarette at all in 2018! Pretty exciting.

I found myself drawn to it, and had a few puffs of her's, and decided I wouldn't mind one of my own. I read a lot about it, and decided on the PockeX just for the simplicity of it and the compact size.

In the end it may or may not have been a late night slightly intoxicated impulse purchase directly from Aspire. Found out later they have them at the vape store 10 minutes away. Had to wait a couple of weeks.. lol @ me!

I've talked to some people who have never smoked, and they don't understand. They think I'm crazy. Like it's a gateway back to cigarettes. It's not. That's never going to happen. I didn't quit smoking because I didn't like it. I quit for all the obvious reasons. Vaping is so similar, but without all the reasons to quit. I actually don't get into it with people anymore. I came up with a half truth: I haven't touched a cigarette at all since I started vaping! yay me! It is true, but not the reason I started doing it.

But anyway, this is my experience of using PockeX for several months:

As with all habits; it comes with its own quirks, rituals and maintanance routines.

Fluid gets into the mouthpiece and air vent groove after filling it. I'm not an expert or anything, but I think it could be that the seal is formed between the mouthpiece and tank before the coil is all the way screwed into the unit, and a displacement of air inside the tank could be forcing fluid up through the coil and into the air vent groove. The only filling that doesn't leak like this is when a new coil is installed when the wick is not yet saturated.

I wrap a paper towel around the air vent groove and very very gently blow the fluid out and clean out the mouthpiece as well. I tried blowing into the mouthpiece really hard once, but that makes it leak more. So very gently. I can tell by the sound whether or not the fluid is cleared out. I find it's best to let it sit for a few minutes before using it too at that point. There is some crackling and sputtering on the first few draws, but it dissipates after a few more draws.

Temperature changes, like going from somewhere with a/c into the hottness outside, or if I draw on it so many times in a row that it makes the mouthpiece and tank heat up, also sometimes causes the same sort of leaking, but not always, and not nearly as much as at fill time.

The mouthpiece tube down to the top of the coil inside needs to be wiped out frequently too. With usage it gets a build up inside. I assume most units likely require the same thing. I find the leaking and the buildup a very minor inconvenience. A little bit messy, but not nearly as bad as dealing with filthy ashtrays!

When I change the coil I fill, reassemble, and then let it sit until I think it has been beyond the recommended time, and way more than long enough, and then I wait another ten or fifteen minutes or so because I'm paranoid of dry hits and burning out a brand new coil on first draw. That's mostly exaggeration... kind of.

I used the .6 ohm coil for awhile, and then later on switched to the 1.2 that is now available. It completely changes the PockeX experience. It sounds different, tastes different, and it doesn't get nearly as hot, and it doesn't sputter and crackle and spit like the .6 does. I very briefly went back to a .6 after using a 1.2 until it needed changing, just out of curiosity, and I found myself wondering how I ever used the .6 at all. In my opinion the 1.2 should be the standard for PockeX, and the .6 should be eliminated. It's just smoother, cleaner and cooler. I noticed the 1.2 doesn't have the wattage etched onto it, but maybe that's kind of irrelevant on a unit that is not adjustable?

I find it's best to hit the fire button just after beginning the draw, and keep the draw somewhat short, and not too quick of a draw, and not too many times in a row. I suppose it's sort of like the ultra-light cigarette of vape units.

I've tried a few different fluids, and find that I have had the best luck with using fluid that is 60pg/40vg. I also find that no matter what fluid I use the flavor is more intense just after filling, and tends to fade to bland as the tank becomes more empty. I can't even guess why that would be. I don't really mind that much though. It makes filling time more exciting.

My choices of the 60pg/40vg fluid combined with 1.2 coil does make the vape cloud less dense, but it uses less fluid than other units I'm aware of. I guess it's more about the gadget, the habit and the distraction than it is about the cloud for me.

Overall I like it. It's just a thing I do now. I'll keep using this one until the battery doesn't charge anymore or the button ceases to work. I could possibly upgrade to another unit at that point, or I might end up buying another PockeX.

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