Aspire PockeX Possible Fault

Hi there,

I've had my PockeX for nine months now (since September 2017) and use it daily.

Recently it has started changing the taste and colour of the liquid. I use Element NS20 Frost which, I believe, has a high VG level. The liquid is gold in colour, in its bottle and when I initially fill the tank, but once I start vaping the liquid turns a dark brown and the taste is wrong.

I have fully charged the battery, correctly changed the coil multiple times, thoroughly cleaned the device before trying to use again, and even tried using different liquids, but the problem always recurs.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if it might be due to a component of the kit that I can't change, or whether it's simply due to the age of the product? Either way it seems off-putting in terms of longevity for the PockeX...
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  • Are your coils genuine Aspire? Did you check the scratch off? Fake coils usually have machine oil residue which can change the taste of the juice dramatically, not to mention the color. Also, fake coils may be using a different wicking material other than organic cotten...
  • @charlzrocks Hi there, thanks for the advice. The coils I use are genuine Aspire ones. 0.6, 18-23W. I'm not sure what the scratch off is, though? I buy them from a third party supplier.
  • When you buy coils that are genuine Aspire, they come 5 to a box. On the back of the box there is a scratch off and underneath is a code that you input into a box (located on the bottom of the aspire home page here):
    See this thread for further info on checking for authenticity of your Aspire coils and products It is possible that your third party supplier is selling you fakes. The only way to check is to use the above method.
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    I had the same problem with a Nautilus X 1.5 ohm coil. For 3 days I burned a dark colored juice of 50/50 and 12mg nic. Upon changing juice to a lighter color, the juice turned a dark color after about a day. I thought it was because of the previous juice I was using, never thought it to be a fake coil. I bought the Nautilus X via third party and the scratch off code checked good but now I'm doubting if the nautilus x is authentic since reading this. Has nobody else complained of legit Aspire coils doing this?
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