New PockeX spitback. 3 weeks old, replaced coil & juice but still happening. What do I do?

Hi, I have a new 3 weeks old Aspire PockeX that I bought in a store. Initially I was very happy with the mod but...
It has had minimal use in the 3 weeks since purchase ie 1 tank fill a day, now it has a hot spit back happening.
To address this I replaced the coil today, cleaned the unit, filled with fresh juice but it is still happening...
can anyone suggest what I do now?
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  • You might want to change your juice to a different brand with maybe a higher VG content. That has solved my spitback problems in the past with several different tanks. Sometimes a higher PG content as well as other ingredients in the juice will create spitback. Also stainless steel coils are famous for spitback
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