[Aspire Launch] Aspire Puxos kit is coming

Aspire now brings you the ultimate in mod adaptability and flexibility. Introducing the new Puxos Kit. It allows for use with three different battery types, an 18650, a 20700 or a 21700.
it also comes with the all new Aspire Cleito Pro tank, which is just as flexible as it accepts coils from Cleito and Cleito Exo tanks. The Puxos can be used in various modes, allowing you to select between Wattage, Voltage, Bypass, CPS (C1/C2/C3), TC(Ni/Ti/SS316L) and TCR(M1/M2/M3).

Cleito Pro tank features
Super easy top fill
3ml capacity/2ml TPD version
Bottom adjustable airflow
Coil compatible with Cleito and Cleito EXO tanks
Super efficient wicking
Massive vapor and flavor production

Puxos mod features
Wattage range: 1-100W/1-80W
Output Voltage: 0.1-8.4V
Resistance Parameters: 0.1-3.5ohms
Continuous Fire Time can be adjusted from 5s to 15s
Full protection features
2A charging
Screen: 0.96 inch OLED screen
Battery type:21700/20700/18650
14 different styles and finishes of panels for option to truly customize the mod
Super light and portable to fit in purse or pocket

Click here for more details:https://aspirecig.com/aspire-kits/aspire-kits515.html
order here:https://online.aspirecig.com/aspire-puxos-kit-p-300.html

Puxos kit .jpg
960 x 540 - 174K
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    Looking good Aspire. Replaceable face plates to change the look of your mod. A 21700 battery is a plus. And the new Cleito Pro tank, I'll over look the small juice capacity since it looks easier to fill than the other Cleito tanks. Thanks for making easy to fill tanks that aren't the screw on type, my disability thanks you.
  • I will wait for a dual battery 21700 150W+ mod. With that said, I do like the design of this mod. Might have to pick up the tank though. Can't have a Cleito collection and leave one out.
  • My video review of the new Aspire Puxos kit.
  • Please check Aspire Puxos Kit review

  • Nice video. That part you said about the tank heating up, do you think that's bad. When I vaped endlessly on my Atlantis 2 that's what I strived for, oh my juice tasted so good when I got the tank and coil to heat up. The mod would also heat up which I didn't like.
  • Thanks! The heating up of the coil at 60-80 watts is not necessarily a bad thing. I just noticed it where I hadn't maybe taken notice before. But as I said. it is a sub ohm coil and they will generate heat at higher wattage settings than say my regular Cleito at 40 watts which is what I usually DTL vape on.
  • @charlzrocks thank you for the detailed review.
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    The review from Zophie Vapes
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    The review from Jai Haze

  • The review from Mike Vapes

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