0.7 BVC coils buring out in 3 days or less with 50/50 light colored blend

Hell all,

The 0.7 colis using 50/50 blend burns up in 3 days or less despite vaping at the bottom voltage range (14.5 - 16.5 watts). I've tried vaping throughout the voltage/wattage range trying to find the sweet spot to prevent burning. But I am at a total loss. Are we supposed to switch to a different blend 70/30 when using 0.7 coils? What blends work best with higher temp coils like the 0.7ohm? I can't find info. The seller I buy from does state on the website these coils do burn out and have a lot of dry hits. I don't get dry hits. I get too much juice spitting into my mouth. At first I suspected the seller was switching the good coils with clones. But then I purchased locally. The local box was new packaging with the sticker seals. They too burned up within 2-3 days. This can't be right. How can Aspire put a product out that doesn't last like their others. We must be doing something wrong.

Please help us. I love the vape with 0.7 ohm coils. It's three times better than 1.6/1.8. I just don't want to keep buring money up. That's one reason I quit smoking. Now I'm smoking coils.. Not to mention the inconvenience. I have to have extra 0.7 coils with me all the times now. It's insane. What are we doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions and help.

Cheers from Seattle
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  • Buy some coils from the Aspire website and see if you still have the same problem. I don't know what vendor would tell you it's normal to get dry hits from an Aspire coil.
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