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I placed this order on April 1st. The status still says "processing". Is the Pink/Rainbow cygnet mod in stock or out of stock. The site store indicates this mod is in stock. If you don't have it now, when will it be available. If this item is out of stock, please update your website store. This is really frustrating. I paid for DHL shipping to assure I would get my order in a timely matter. Now instead of 4-6 days it's been 2 weeks. Please tell me what is going on. I'm not getting any updates on the site when I Check the status, nothing since April 1st, when my payment was completed.
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  • Hello Jallome
    Sorry , we got the news that the mod will be ready in mid May . You can change to other goods / Mod ,or pls kindly wait for some days .
    Appologize for all of the trouble .
    Now, how can I do for you ?
  • Thanks for the response. I'm not happy about this. I would not have ordered the mod at this time, if it was not available. I guess I have to wait the some days. Mid May is a month. Demi, I know this is not your fault and probably have no control over this, and I thank your for the status. Thats another thing, it would be nice if Aspire had just provided me that info before they accepted my money or at least let me know what was going on. Tell them to update the availability on the product.

  • Hi friend ,
    We did not get your reply by email until now .How can I do for you ?
    We can ship the tank to you directly . The mod will be shipped out by the freeshipping way when It is ready . What do you think ?
  • Hello Demi,
    As communicated in our emails, I think this is ok. However, when checking the status on my order on your website, I see the status as 'shipped'. There is no indication showing only the tank was shipped and not the complete order. I hope this does not cause problems when the mod becomes available. How can I be assured when the mod does become available, shipping it to me will not be overlooked due to that status posted on the website?

    And why does the Cygnet Mod still say 'IN STOCK' on the Product Store website, if it is not?
  • @jellome Demi will reply you by email
    Please check your inbox later and reply her email
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