Brand new Athos tank leaking

Very disappointed in this Athos tank. One came with my brand new Speeder 200W kit and it has leaked from day ONE! The retailer won't/can't help me and pointed me to the US service at, and all they've done is exchange emails about returning everything BUT the tank :-( And it would cost ME to return it. I like the mod but I just want the tank to work and not leak. I've tried replacing all the rubber seals around the base, I keep the airflow barely open..but it still leaks. I've already gone thru too much juice on this! if anyone has any ideas on how to keep it from leaking I'd be appreciative to know.
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  • @Keskue
    Close the airflow.
    Open the top cap and refill.
    Close the top cap almost totally then turn the Athos upside down while continuing to close it.
    Wait a few second that all the air reaches upwards.
    Open the airflow, you won't hear a "psshhtt" but that's the idea, to release the air pressure.
    Turn the ato back to normal ... no leaks !

    Try also using a high VG liquid, I used to have a 30/70 PG/VG liquid in mine.
  • ...also make sure that your coil is not cross threaded and is seated down tight...
  • Thanks, I will give that a try. Would be nice to have that sort of information included with the tank/kit.
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