Product Concept [to product design/R&D] E-Hookah RDTA

As a longtime supporter and owner of Aspire products, I have grown to respect the attention to quality and customer support offered to users of your products.

Aspire has been the guiding force for many of my friends and family members trying to make a switch to a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking or other tobacco use, and with the reasonable prices, and user friendly design, it has never been easier to find that healthy alternative that works for anyone.

After the release of your proteus e-hookah head, I was excited to see a new wave of users looking to make a switch, and for someone like me, who enjoys having a practical stationary vape system in the living room of my home, this product was like a dream come true; however, being an avid vape aficionado, i tend to like to have an element of customization to the device I'm vaping at the time, and was let down to learn that there was no option for a rebuildable atomizer. Many of my friends who are into vaping and hookah alike are turned away from this product simply because they don't have the option to build their own coils for their home hookah system the same way they would on a handheld device with an RDTA. In many cases this absence of user customization has turned away many potential users. Speaking personally, I know I would be inclined to purchase a stationary home vaping system with the same customizability as a handheld device, and would advocate its supremacy over any other system, but as it stands, there exists no option as such on the market.

I ask, as as an owner, user and supporter of Aspire products, with the same attention to quality and service to consumer base, to take into consideration creating a product, or adaptive apparatus for your 'proteus e-hookah' system to allow for the use of a rebuildable deck. This would be the first of its kind, and would revolutionize the market of stationary vaping systems. I know I, and many users to come would be grateful for innovations on such a front.

with respect, SQ
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