Can a Triton 2 0.4 coil be altered for lower temperatures?

I was just browsing for sales online when a came across this sale on Triton 2 coils box of 5 f0r 99 cents. I didn't even have one but I jumped all over that sale and bought about 30 boxes for less than the price of 3! I couldn't believe it. I did't even look at the
ohms figuring at this price i can be flexible. I ordered a couple Triton 2s and used the 0.4 coil it came with. I have been able to use sub ohm coils at a lower temp in my Nautilus but I couldn't get much out of a vape with th 0.4 at the temperatures I like to vape at. So that brings me to my question. Is there a way to alter this coi in order to get it going at a lower temperature like 10-15w? 12.5 usually being my sweet spot for many coils of differing resistances. I used to do builds but these seem to tiny to take apart and totally rebuild.

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