Inconsistent & Faulty Products

Here is my two cents based on experience with Nautilus 2 devices so far.
I bought my 1st one as 2nd hand which was awesome, good flavor, good vaping etc..
I only didn't like the design where the surface is too smooth it is hard to open it without rubber gloves when it gets slightly tight.
I lost the tank along my mod in an event at some time.
I went ahead and bought another one. Package had no problems, the validation code said it was original. But:
- It didn't contain any spare o-rings in the package,
- The airflow control ring was dangling like crazy at the bottom,
- The top piece of the tank didn't have the gasket (which my 3rd one seems to have),
- It was leaking like crazy (probably due to above reason).

The selling of e-cig devices is forbidden where I live. The vendor did not provide any asistance (which of course is not a thing I am blaming Aspire about).
So I went ahead AGAIN and purchased a third one from what seems to be official Aspire store in Aliexpress.
It arrived and everything about the packaging looked like my 2nd device. Validation code says I have a original device etc...
(This one had spare o-rings in it)
As soon as I remove the tank from package, the air flow control ring falls of into my lap!
I put it into its position, it doesn't click into its place or anything but I use it in that state anyway.
Didn't encounter any problems in my usage but I think you know where I am going with this.

TL;DR: Aspire really needs to do something about their production line.
The inconsistency and the problems with the products is really annoying.
I am not planning to purchase another Aspire device if something ****s my device up in the future.
Also I don't think I can possibly advise anyone to buy Aspire products.
With regards.
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